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T3Planet is one-stop destination for TYPO3 Templates, Extensions and TYPO3 SaaS Solutions. Today T3Planet has accumulated insights and success stories with over 2000+ premium businesses globally. We understand the needs of TYPO3 businesses and transform them into high-end TYPO3 template and extension solutions designed with an emphasis on solutions quality, customer experience and long-term value for business owners.

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Launched First-Ever TYPO3 Store

Pioneer of T3Planet, TYPO3 Store Conceptualized for excellent B2B and B2C opportunities for TYPO3 Business and website holders.

TYPO3 Award Winner

T3Planet added a golden feather to achievements by being the only agency to win the TYPO3 Award beyond Europe! We won TYPO3 Award under Best Finance/ Logistic TYPO3 website category in year 2018!

TYPO3 Association Gold Member

We're proud TYPO3 Gold Partner, Actively support the community in the ongoing TYPO3 development. Together, We thrive in the TYPO3 ecosystem!

Why TYPO3 Store?

A TYPO3 Store has been a very versatile yet missing element for the TYPO3 community since its inception. We the creators of T3Planet TYPO3 Store dreamt of this concept to cover up this void and make a positive impact on TYPO3 Individuals, TYPO3 Business Owners, and TYPO3 Community.

The Idea

With the belief that businesses must embrace the power of combining purpose and profit, by supporting customers with premium powerful TYPO3 resources for projects, people, and community to achieve remarkable success with TYPO3 CMS.

The Need

TYPO3 Store ultimately focuses on helping people to have access to premium TYPO3 resources, share and earn from their unique TYPO3 Products, and help to complete creative TYPO3 projects.

The Benefit

Having a TYPO3 Store for the TYPO3 audience would serve as a channel for freelancers, agencies, and audiences to access premium TYPO3 products that they might have developed or wish to share for extra commission income on the side.

Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?

Free Support

Faced a problem? No worries! If it's something you cannot figure out our dedicated TYPO3 support team will respond to you at CEST German time in 1 business working day.

Regular Updates

T3Planet provides automatic product version updates via email containing alerts on new features, security updates, bug fixes, and compatibility with the latest TYPO3 version releases.

Money Back Guarantee!

If you believe that buying a product was not the right decision, we want to make things right with our 100% moneyback guarantee within 15 days of purchase.

We're TYPO3 Certified

We're in love with TYPO3 for a decade and won the TYPO3 award at Berlin in 2018! Plus TYPO3 products at T3Planet are developed by certified TYPO3 developers and integrators.

TYPO3 Certification Excellence

The true TYPO3 Development speaks for itself with our TYPO3 Certified Resources.

TYPO3 Certified Integrator

Being a Certified Integrator the developer holds excellence in developing the template for a website, configuration of all extensions and creates the access rights for backend users.

TYPO3 Certified Developer

TCCD at T3Planet is versed with practical excellence of TYPO3 projects, architecture, best practices, & fair share of internals both TYPO3 CMS & extension framework following CGL.

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Years With TYPO3

Participation with TYPO3 Community

We love working closely with TYPO3 community, coding, speaking, volunteering, sponsoring, and sharing knowledge with TYPO3 peers.

Member of TYPO3 Content Team

We feel obliged to be a part of the T3A content group of editors, strategists, essayists, videographers, and originators. This is nothing less than an achievement for us.

Official Member of TYPO3.org Team

It’s our pleasure to contribute to TYPO3 community’s main website typo3.org, We are the only company who is a member as “whole company”.

Active Contributor of TYPO3 Core

As a give back to the TYPO3 community, Team T3planet always tries to contribute in TYPO3 core eg., Review patch, Create patch, Testing of new TYPO3 version etc.

Contribution of TYPO3 Extensions at TER

T3Planet is officially a contributor of TER extensions. It feels proud to let you know that T3planet has contributed 35+ TYPO3 extensions at Official TYPO3 Extension Repository.

TYPO3 Initiatives Contributor

Team T3planet has been helping hand as development, designing and testing partner for innovative TYPO3 dashboard, the most unique feature of TYPO3 v10.

Launched TYPO3.com in Hindi

T3planet feels proud for developing TYPO3.com in Hindi to make it accessible to large papulation of India easy to understand and take benefit of Open Source TYPO3 CMS.

T3Planet loves to
Contribute & Innovate!

We love working closely with TYPO3 Open Source community,
coding, peaking, volunteering, sponsoring, and sharing knowledge
ith TYPO3 peers.

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