T3AI - TYPO3 AI Extension

T3AI - TYPO3 AI Extension


Take your TYPO3 backend experience to new heights with our all-in-one TYPO3 AI Extension! T3AI is the first ever TYPO3 AI feature-rich content assistant. This extension offers many features like SEO optimization, AI page creation, language translation, chat assistance, AI-generated images, and AI-composed text with just a single click.

T3AI has become more powerful and faster with the integration of GPT-4o. This enables T3AI to understand and generate text based on visual information, making it a more comprehensive and versatile extension for content creation. It can generate AI-created images in various resolutions. Additionally, it offers flexible listing options, allowing you to choose between card and table layouts. With 100+ default ready-to-use prompts, 10+ writing styles, and a ChatGPT sidebar, T3AI is a must-have!

PS: This Extension is Compatible with the latest TYPO3 Version 12.

4 Steps to Launch Your TYPO3 AI Pages 

With T3AI, customizing your AI page to the finest detail has become a straightforward and hassle-free process now!
Simply follow a few easy steps to create your desired TYPO3 page in just a few clicks.


Global Configurations

T3AI let's you modify a few settings Globally, for attributes like title, description, and Open Graph elements to create compelling and personalized web content. That too in various writing styles.

  • API Key
  • Model
  • Temperature
  • Frequency Penalty
  • Basic Request Settings
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords
  • Social Media
  • Topic

Enable/Disable Features Configuration

Customize your T3AI Extension with ease! Simply set your preferred options to add or remove any feature you want to display.

  • Language Translation
  • AI Sidebar
  • Optimize AI SEO
  • Create AI page

Your AI Content Assistant at TYPO3 RTE 

Furthermore, you can also generate your content with the most advanced options, including 40+ writing styles and tones, along with custom and advance features 
to assist you in creating better content at the TYPO3 backend.


One-Click SEO Optimization

Generate your titles, meta descriptions, and keywords with just a single click! T3AI Enables you to 
create and edit titles, Keywords, and Meta descriptions Effortlessly! Furthermore, You can Edit and Generate 
OG Tags with 10+ Writing Styles, 5+ Title suggestions, and ultimate Custom selection options.

Automize Translation of Your Pages

We help you expand your global reach with ease. As this feature enables automatic page translation that seamlessly aligns with your TYPO3 language configuration, just with a click. It is built keeping TYPO3 Core features at heart. TYPO3 Core helps you create content elements and T3AI - let's you translate the content in your prefered language.

Global Glossary Feature for Easy Translation

This feature empowers you to find and replace your preferred headings text using a glossary dictionary. Simply add the word you want to replace and translate it on your AI page.

Auto-Detect Language Translation for Your Pages

Translate your AI pages into multiple languages with T3AI's advanced automatic language translation feature. It enables seamless translation into your preferred languages.

You can also have to see -

  • AI translation status
  • Translation date
  • Translated With T3AI

Create AI Images with a Single Click

T3AI lets you create any image you can imagine. You can use filters to search and find your images. You can also add their own input. 
It makes your backend better by letting you create and embed new images directly from there.


Easy AI Image Search and Sorting Options

T3AI lets you create any image you can imagine. You can use filters to search and find your images. You can also add your own input. It makes your backend better by letting you create and embed new images directly into your content element.

Flexible Image Style Selection Options

T3AI lets you create various types of images with different resolutions and styles. You can organize in table and card layout images in your backend. You can generate and edit image titles using smart suggestions. Additionally, T3AI can help you to image’s generate:

  • Alternative Text
  • Image Title 
  • Image Description
  • Image Resolution

Translate File Meta & Record Translation

Effortlessly translate file metadata and records with just one click. Simplify your workflow and save time with our intuitive translation feature


Helpful Prompts at TYPO3 Backend

Introducing the Prompt Assistance feature, now available as a TYPO3 Backend module with the ChatGPT TYPO3 Extension by OpenAI.

100+ Pre-Defined ChatGPT Prompts!


Ready to use ChatGPT Sidebar

The Ultimate T3AI ChatGPT Sidebar is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your editorial tasks with ease. Additionally, you can customize the sidebar with your preferred commands and content, allowing you to generate content with just one click.

ChatGPT Personal Assistant

Engage in natural language conversations with Improved ChatGPT Personal Assistant right from your TYPO3 backend to get quick answers to your questions and gather content insights.

Key Highlights

ChatGPT Version

Compatible with all ChatGPT models, making it easy to infuse life into your TYPO3 website

Custom Tones and Writing Styles

Have that flexibility to modify tones and writing styles from professional to catchy and much more

User Friendly Interface

User-friendly interface (UI) to navigate by any user without technical knowledge

One-Click Prompt

With a simple click, access instant prompts and valuable assistance, making content creation and problem-solving easier than ever

Multi-Lingual Support

The extension provides support for your preferred TYPO3 backend language, enhancing the user experience for administrators and content creators.

Plug n Play

Effortlessly set up and start using, requiring minimal configuration or effort, for a hassle-free experience

Easy Image Layout options

You can Choose between card and table layouts in your preferred style.


GPT-4o LLM Model Integration

For powering up Your TYPO3 AI Experience with next level T3AI is integrated with the latest GPT Version 4o.

Pre Added Prompt libararies

With a simple click, access instant prompts and valuable assistance, making content creation and problem-solving easier than ever.

T3AI - A Backend Tour

Reviews & Rating

4.8 / 5

Eric Weisz

Eric Weisz

It came to me for testing and feedback purpose, I am impressed by their dedication to provide quality products. Now i am waiting for the official launch.

Ingrid Weber

I had the privilege of testing out the T3AI - TYPO3 AI Extension before its official launch, and I'm thoroughly impressed. It's a game-changer for content creation in TYPO3. The 'Generate AI-Pages' feature is a real time-saver, making Page Titles generation and content outlining a easy. Highly Recommended!

Friedrich Schmitt

I had the privilege of using TYPO3 ChatGPT Extension prior to its release, and it exceeded my expectations. The 'Generate AI-Pages' feature is incredibly efficient, generating Page Titles ideas and content headlines seamlessly. It also creates content elements. Combining that with Chat Assistance in the Rich Text editor adds a layer of real-time collaboration that's unmatched.

Sandra Köhler

Sandra Köhler

I can't express how much time and effort T3AI has saved us. This extension is a content creator's best friend. Thank You, T3Planet For this Amazing extension!

David Schreiber

David Schreiber

I'm amazed with the capabilities of the T3AI Extension. The global configurations make managing my TYPO3 website easy, and the AI-powered content generation in TYPO3 RTE is a real-time-saver.

René Schwartz

René Schwartz

You guys always come up with innovative solutions, and this is exactly what I've been looking for! 5 stars for this extension. Kudos to the developer team!

Jörg Adler

Jörg Adler

Absolutely brilliant! T3AI has revolutionized the way I interact with TYPO3. This ChatGPT extension is seamlessly integrated and provides instant, accurate responses.

Jonas Fleischer

Jonas Fleischer

Wow! What an incredible extension! With the capabilities of this TYPO3 extension, I can finally relax. It saves me so much time and hours of work.

Jonas Furst

Jonas Furst

I was searching for a solution for my TYPO3 websites, and then I discovered T3AI. This extension is exactly what I needed. Highly recommend it!

Katrin Foerster

Katrin Foerster

Thanks to T3AI , I now have a virtual content assistant right within my TYPO3 backend. The extension's ability to generate content prompts and provide quick answers to my questions has significantly improved my workflow and productivity.

Erik Jaeger

Erik Jaeger

This extension is like having a content assistent for my TYPO3 content. It helps me brainstorm titles, write catchy headlines, and even translate pages to reach new audiences. Feels like I'm working smarter, not harder! what amazing extension!

Phillipp Abt

Phillipp Abt

I've been using the T3AI - TYPO3 AI Extension for a while now, and I'm impressed with its functionality. It's like having a personal assistant for my website! With features like automated content generation, it saves me a ton of time and effort.

Sophie Reinhard

Sophie Reinhard

What an exceptional solution delivered by T3Planet! Hats off to the T3Planet Team for providing this amazing TYPO3 AI Extension. Its automatic AI page creation feature is truly remarkable. Now, I can easily create my blogs and TYPO3 pages with a single click. Thank you to the T3Planet team.

Manuela Frei

Manuela Frei

Taking my website global used to be a not easy task, but T3AI's one-click translation feature changed everything. Now I can easily translate my pages to reach new audiences, and it all works seamlessly with my TYPO3 setup. highly recommanded for TYPO3 Content assistance.

Diana Finkel

Diana Finkel

Denifinty this extension is great value for money ! it's Premium features are really useful and make my daily routine work easy.

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One Click AI-Powered Image CreationSimply tell T3AI what image you want, and it will generate it in seconds.
it includes advanced options :
Image Search and Sorting Options
Choose between card and table layouts
Create images in various resolutions

Embed AI-generated images into content elementsSimply add your input to the content elements to create an AI image and embed it with a single click!

Auto-Detect Language Translation Use T3AI to automatically translate your AI pages into multiple languages easily.
It allows you to view:
translation status
translation date

Global Glossary tool for easy translation Simply add the word you want to replace and translate it on your AI page.

Basic AI-Powered Content via TYPO3 RTEGet ChatGPT Assistant in TYPO3 Rich Text Editor (RTE).

Advanced AI-Powered Content via TYPO3 RTEGet ChatGPT Chatbot Assistant in TYPO3 Rich Text Editor (RTE).

Enable/Disable Features at Extension settingEasily turn features on or off in the extension settings to customize your experience.

Generate & Edit SEO Meta Title with ChatGPTGenerate & Edit SEO Meta Title with ChatGPT. It gives 5 suggestions with 10+ Variations

Google SERP Simulator PreviewHave a Google SERP Simulator Preview for your Meta Title and Descriptions.

Writing Style and Tone in TYPO3 RTESelect the writing style and tone for your content in TYPO3 RTE

Personalized Ai Extension Recommendations for all recordsGet personalized AI-powered extension records and data recommendations for all your extension records and data.

Generate & Edit SEO Meta Description with ChatGPTGenerate Generate SEO Meta Description with ChatGPT. It gives 5 suggestions with 10+ Variations

Generate & Edit Meta KeywordsGenerate Meta Keywords with ChatGPT according to your mentioned content also have custom selection options

Generate & Edit Social Media TagsGenerate & Edit Social Media/Open Graph Tags with ChatGPT for Facebook and Twitter.

Automize Translation of Your PagesAutomatically translate webpages based on your TYPO3 language configurations , also Automize Translation of Your Records & File Meta-data.

Generates Content HeadlinesOn the basis of the mentioned Page Titles select and generate Content Headlines also have to freedom to select preferred elements.

Helpful Prompts at TYPO3 BackendHelpful Prompt Assistance comes with 100+ predefined prompts to cater various needs as TYPO3 Backend Module

Ready to use ChatGPT SidebarThe Ultimate T3AI ChatGPT Sidebar is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your editorial tasks with ease.

ChatGPT Personal AssistantReal-time natural language chat support within your TYPO3 Backend as with improved Backend Module

Feature Enable/Disable language translation wizardEnable or disable language translation with ease using our wizard.

Feature File metadata translationsCustomize file metadata translations to suit your needs.

Feature Records language translationEnable multilingual records with just a few clicks.

TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v10, v11, v12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-t3ai

Change Log

# 3.1.0

13th Jun 2024

FEATURE GPT-4o LLM Model Integration: Leverage the latest GPT-4o language model for enhanced AI capabilities.

FEATURE Generative AI Image Support: Generate images using OpenAI's DALL-E.

FEATURE AI Images Module Enhancements:

FEATURE Listing Options: Choose between card and table layouts.

FEATURE Search & Sorting: Efficiently find and organize AI-generated images.

FEATURE Image Generation Features:

FEATURE Prompt-Based Image Creation: Generate images based on user prompts.

FEATURE Resolution Flexibility: Create images in various resolutions.

FEATURE Image Variants: Produce different versions of images.

FEATURE Variant Resolutions: Generate image variants in multiple resolutions.

FEATURE Content Element Integration: Embed AI-generated images directly into content elements.

FEATURE AI-Driven Suggestions: Get intelligent suggestions for all extension records and data.

FEATURE Automated AI Content Creation: Automatically create content with AI pages.

FEATURE Glossary Translation Feature: Introduce a glossary tool for translation purposes.

FEATURE German Language Support: Full backend support for the German language.

FEATURE New Translation Wizard Option: Use 3AI for auto-detect translation functionality.

FEATURE Feature Management: Enable or disable features directly from the extension settings.

FEATURE Translation Status Options: Backend option for AI translation status and translation date in page properties.

FEATURE Frontend Translation Display: Show translation status and date on the frontend.

TASK New Logo: Updated the extension with a new logo.

TASK Deprecation Removal: Eliminated deprecated and breaking changes.

TASK Code Improvements: Performed extensive code cleanup and improvements.

TASK Version Compatibility: Enhanced compatibility with newer TYPO3 versions.

TASK Automatic Code Review: Implemented automated code review tools such as PHP-lints and TypoScript-lints.

BUGFIX Functional Testing: Conducted rigorous functional testing and bug fixes.

BUGFIX UI/UX Design Testing: Fixed compatibility issues and improved the design for a better user experience.

BUGFIX Quality Assurance: Completed comprehensive QA testing and bug fixing.

RELEASE Feature version release v3.1.0

# 3.0.2

25th Apr 2024

TASK Improved the error messages

BUGFIX Improved prompt and make it bugs free

BUGFIX Issue with the Backend User Group Module access is fixed

RELEASE Minor version release 3.0.2

# 3.0.1

24th Apr 2024

TASK Improve the Backend Module Icon and Extension Icon

BUGFIX Fixed the issue with Two Letter ISO issue

RELEASE Release minor version 3.0.1

# 3.0.0

18th Apr 2024

TASK Important: Rename extension from EXT:ns_openai to EXT:ns_t3ai

TASK Breaking Changes: Uninstall existing EXT:ns_openai & Install EXT:ns_t3ai with your same license key

TASK Refactoring and enhancements in code and namespaces

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

BUGFIX QA testing & bug-fixing

RELEASE Major version release v3.0

# 2.0.0

22nd Feb 2024

FEATURE Launched ChatGPT Sidebar

FEATURE Re-developed RTE for real-time ChatGPT chatbots

FEATURE Introduced one-click all SEO optimizations

FEATURE Enable/Disable language translation wizard

FEATURE File metadata translations

FEATURE Records language translation

FEATURE Generate automatic SEO meta-data for TYPO3 AI Pages

FEATURE Choose content element type for TYPO3 AI Pages

FEATURE Improved chat style at ChatGPT backend module

FEATURE Editable all optimized SEO results

TASK Remove deprecations and breaking changes

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

TASK Improve TYPO3 Version Compatibility

TASK Automatic code review with PHP-lints, TypoScript-lints, etc.

BUGFIX Functional testing and bug fixing

BUGFIX UI/UX design testing and fixed TYPO3 version compatibility

BUGFIX QA testing & bug-fixing

RELEASE Major version release v2.0.0

# 1.3.1

5th Jan 2024

TASK Remove deprecated OpenAI models

TASK Config RTE preset config for individual page

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

BUGFIX QA testing & bug-fixing

RELEASE Minor version release v1.3.1

# 1.3.0

22nd Dec 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

BUGFIX QA testing & bug-fixing

RELEASE Minor version release v1.3.0

# 1.2.2

19th Dec 2023

BUGFIX Resolve content element issues while creating AI pages

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release v1.2.2

# 1.2.1

14th Dec 2023

BUGFIX Resolve access & permission issue while creating AI-Pages

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release v1.2.1

# 1.2.0

10th Nov 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v10

FEATURE Search Feature at Helpful Prompts

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release v1.2.0

# 1.0.0

12th Oct 2023

FEATURE Premium Features Development of T3OpenAI

FEATURE 3-Steps to Launch TYPO3 Pages

FEATURE AI-Powered Content via TYPO3 RTE

FEATURE Optimise SEO with AI

FEATURE Automize Translation of Your Pages

FEATURE Helpful Prompts at TYPO3 Backend

FEATURE ChatGPT Personal Assistant

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v11.x

TASK Support Composer based TYPO3 instance

TASK Compatibility of cross-browsers and cross-devices

TASK Follow TYPO3 standard checklist

TASK Code clean-up and code improvement

TASK Improve speed and performance rank

TASK Automatic code review with Gitlab-CI lints

BUGFIX Functional testing and bug fixing

BUGFIX UI/UX design testing and fixed TYPO3 version compatibility

BUGFIX QA testing & bug-fixing

RELEASE Release of version 1.0.0

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