Migration to Composer

Are you still managing your TYPO3 instance the traditional way? It's time to upgrade to a more efficient and reliable solution—a composer–based TYPO3 installation. We specialize in migrating TYPO3 instances from classic installations to Composer-based setups. Our expertise ensures a seamless migration process that keeps your website modern, secure, and manageable.

Keep exploring why composer importance is essential, the approach of TYPO3 migration to a composer, pricing packages, customer reviews, the technical process from traditional to modern TYPO3 composer, and so on.

Migration to Composer

What is Composer?

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP that allows you to manage your TYPO3 extensions, templates, and libraries more efficiently. It helps streamline the installation and update process, making managing dependencies easier and ensuring compatibility across your TYPO3 projects.

What is TYPO3 Composer Based Setup?

A TYPO3 Composer-based setup is a simple way to install and manage TYPO3, a popular website platform, using Composer, a tool for handling software dependencies in PHP. This method makes installing, updating, and removing TYPO3 and its extensions easy. It also helps with version control and automates tasks, making TYPO3 setup and maintenance faster and more flexible for developers.

Easy TYPO3 Upgrades with Composer

A composer-based setup makes upgrading easy due to its dependency management capabilities. The composer easily handles TYPO3 core and extension upgrades, as all the dependencies are updated in a coordinated manner with the CLI (command line interface).

When Security is the Concern!

By migrating to a Composer-based setup, stringent security measures can be implemented, as installing or upgrading extensions will be done through command lines.

What's Included in Service?

Dependency Management

Composer simplifies dependency management by allowing you to define project dependencies and versions in composer.json, ensuring consistency across development environments.

Extensive Package

Tap into a vast library of TYPO3 extensions and PHP packages on packagist.org, enabling accelerated development. All the latest TYPO3 extensions support the composer.

Version Control Integration

Seamlessly track and collaborate on dependency versions with Git and Composer.lock contains the version information of installed TYPO3 extensions in the composer environment.

Simplified Deployment

Composer simplifies the deployment process by automating dependency installations, reducing manual intervention, and ensuring deployment consistency across environments.

Efficient Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest TYPO3 extensions and packages through Composer's automated update process. This enables you to seamlessly incorporate bug fixes, security patches, and feature enhancements.

Security and Stability

Composer's package signing and verification features enhance the security of your TYPO3 project, mitigating the risk of installing compromised or malicious code and ensuring project stability.

Community Best Practices

Migrating to Composer aligns your TYPO3 project with industry best practices and community standards, ensuring compatibility with evolving development workflows and practices.

Team Collaboration

Integrating Composer with version control systems like Git promotescollaboration among team members by ensuring consistent dependency installations and version tracking.

Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?


Our team comprises experienced TYPO3 developers who specialize in migrations, ensuring a seamless transition to Composer-based installations.


We tailor the migration process to suit your TYPO3 environment needs, ensuring your TYPO3 website retains its unique features and functionalities.

Minimal Disruption

We aim to minimize downtime during migration, allowing your website to remain accessible to your audience.

Post-Migration Support

We provide ongoing support to address any issues arising after the migration, ensuring a smooth transition.


We maintain open and transparent communication throughout the migration process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Affordable Pricing

Our competitive pricing plans ensure maximum value for your TYPO3 composer migration task investment.

Our Technical Process

Step - 01

Backup & Content Freeze

Begin by ensuring a full backup of both your TYPO3 code and database. Implement a backend login freeze to prevent any changes during the migration process.

Step - 02

Clean-up Classic Instance

Remove specific files that Composer will recreate later, such as public/index.php, public/typo3/, and extensions within public/typo3conf/ext/.

Step - 03

Setup Composer.json

Create a composer.json file in your project root and configure it according to your project's requirements. You can utilize examples from TYPO3 distributions or create your own.

Step - 04

Add Required Packages

Utilize Composer to add all necessary TYPO3 Core and extension packages to your project. Specify the version of each package using Composer's syntax.

Step - 05

Run `composer install`

Install the TYPO3 Core and system extensions using Composer. You can require multiple packages in one line through Composer's command-line interface.

Step - 06

Install Extensions from Packagist

Instead of using the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER), install extensions directly from packagist.org using Composer. Find the package names by checking the extension's TER page or composer.json file.

Step - 07

Install Extensions from Version Control

For extensions unavailable on packagist.org, define the repository in your composer.json and require the extension using Composer's command-line interface.

Step - 08

Include Individual Extensions

If you wish to keep your project's site package or other custom extensions within the project directory, configure Composer's autoloader section to include the extension's PHP classes.

Step - 09

Update the Code

Update file locations for configuration files, translations, and other files that have changed due to the migration. Move files to their new locations within the project structure.

Step - 10


Thoroughly test the TYPO3 backend, the functionality of used extensions, and frontend websites to ensure nothing breaks after the migration to Composer.

Step - 11

Delivery & Deployment

Once testing is successful, prepare for Go-live with minimal downtime. Avoid repeating the above steps in production; clone the staging site to the production environment.

Step - 12

On Going Support

After successful delivery and go-live (with minimal downtime), establish ongoing support for the implemented system.

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Pricing Plans

Complexity of TYPO3 InstanceLowMediumHigh
Installe TYPO3 VersionLTSLTS/ELTSAll
No. of Community TYPO3 Extensions51020+
No. of Custom TYPO3 Extensions51020+
Assign a Dedicated Technical ManagerYesYesYes
Free Consultation ServiceYesYesYes
Emergency Backup & RestoreYesYesYes
Reaction & Response Time5 business days3 business days2 business days
Support Time (After Delivery)10 business days20 business days30 business days
Hours Package10 hours10 hours10 hours
Hours Package€40/H€50/H€60/H

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Stefanie Eiffel

We recently Approached T3Planet service migration to composer and i am overall very satisfied with the service!

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Marco Mueller

We needed to migrate our Composer-based system, and the results are very satisfying. Overall, it was a smooth and successful process! Thank you T3Planet!

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Katja Daecher

Choosing T3Planet for Migration to the composer was the best decision for our website, and now my website working efficiently!

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Michelle Hoffmann

Migrating to Composer with T3Planet has the best expertise! They handled everything smoothly, and my TYPO3 site is running faster than ever.

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Composer packages for TYPO3 are available on Packagist.org from version 6.2.0 onwards, making migrations feasible for various TYPO3 versions.

Composer is a PHP program essential for managing dependencies. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing Composer are available on getcomposer.org

Changing this setup is crucial if your project's root folder mirrors your web root folder. Composer adds a 'vendor/' folder to the project root, potentially posing security risks if the project root matches the web root. A suggested structure involves a separate web root folder like 'public/'.

Ensure that your project's TYPO3 Core and installed extensions are straightforward. Any manual changes to these files might be overwritten during migration.

Initially, specific files such as 'public/index.php', 'public/typo3/', and extensions inside 'public/typo3conf/ext/' need deletion. Additionally, configurations like 'composer.json' creation are essential for proceeding.

With Composer, you can include necessary packages using the 'composer require' command followed by the package name and version specification. 

Extensions not found on Packagist can be installed from version control systems like GitHub or GitLab. The process involves defining the repository in 'composer.json' and specifying the extension for installation.

After migration, specific files like site configuration and translations should be moved to new locations, adhering to the updated project structure.

Both 'composer.json' and 'composer.lock' files should be added to the version control system. This ensures consistency among team members by tracking exact package versions.

Team members should always run 'composer install' to ensure consistent package versions among collaborators. This command installs packages according to the 'composer.lock' specifications.

How can I ensure the integrity of my TYPO3 project's code during migration?

Our migration process ensures that your TYPO3 Core and installed extensions remain intact. We take precautions to safeguard any customizations or manual changes to your project's files.

The migration involves deleting specific files, configuring Composer, adding required packages, installing TYPO3 Core and extensions, and adjusting file locations. Our team will handle each step efficiently.

Yes, we ensure your project's extensions are seamlessly integrated into the Composer-based setup. Any necessary adjustments or compatibility checks will be performed during the migration process.

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