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Are you confused about TYPO3’s scalability? Are you not sure what design can be developed using TYPO3? Our web design services blend creativity, practicality, and innovation to solve this! Whether you're a small business, a startup, or a big company, we can wow your audience and deliver results. And they're all built to meet TYPO3 standards.

Continue to explore design services, UI/UX approach, and pricing packages. TYPO3 offers a flexible CMS suitable for adapting to various website designs. However, we can create the most cost-effective site through effective coordination between our developers and designers.

Website Design Service

Pre-Built Templates

Team T3Planet takes pride in having a first-ever store in the TYPO3 world. Our customers loved templates such as T3Karma, T3Bootstrap, T3Shiva, and more. 

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Custom Templates vs Ready-made

What are the advantages of custom templates compared to ready-made templates?

  • Unique Design
  • Better Performance
  • Scalability
  • SEO Optimization
  • Security
  • Brand Consistency
  • Ownership

Why Do You Need Custom TYPO3 Web Design?

Unique Brand Identity

Custom website design allows businesses to showcase their unique brand identity within the TYPO3 framework, ensuring their website stands out from competitors and effectively reflects their brand's personality.

Tailored Functionality

With custom website design in TYPO3, businesses can tailor the functionality of their website to meet their specific needs and goals. This includes custom features, plugins, and integrations that enhance user experience.

Scalability and Growth

Custom TYPO3 designs are built to scale with the business, allowing for seamless expansion and adding new features as the website and business requirements evolve.

SEO-Friendly Structure

Custom TYPO3 designs can be built using SEO best practices, ensuring the website is easily crawlable by search engines and ranks well in search results.

Optimized Performance

Custom TYPO3 designs are optimized for performance, ensuring fast loading times, smooth navigation, and better user experience.

Enhanced Security Measures

Custom TYPO3 designs enable businesses to implement robust security measures tailored to their website's unique needs, reducing the risk of security breaches and protecting sensitive data.

At T3Planet, we dedicate ourselves to developing TYPO3 web designs that resonate with your brand identity and address the specific needs of your audience. With T3Planet, you can build your site from scratch with a design layout. We conduct thorough site analysis, competitor benchmarking, and audience research to identify your unique selling points (USPs) and establish a clear conversion path for your website.

Our custom TYPO3 web design services

What are the advantages of custom templates compared to ready-made templates?

  • Prove yourself as a leader in your field
  • Protect your brand's reputation
  • Show off what makes you special
  • Make people like your brand
  • Give each visitor a personal experience
  • Make your website able to grow
  • Save money on building and manage your site
  • Increase your site's long-term earnings

What's Included in Service?

Tailored Style

Your website should mirror your unique business style; we're here to make that happen. Share your business requirements, including your desired style, and we'll craft a website representing your brand.

Design Consultation

Our design experts will collaborate with you to explore various design options that align perfectly with your business. They'll investigate your business goals and requirements before recommending the ideal design approach.

Custom Web Design

Our web designers ensure your website is fully optimized with the best SEO practices, ensuring easy discoverability. Our custom designs are irresistibly attractive, captivating visitors from the moment they land on your site.

Banner Design

We begin by understanding your banner needs and then craft versatile banners suitable for various platforms, such as websites, mobiles, landing pages, and social media. This strategic approach ensures your branding efforts hit the mark.

Logo Design

We deliver high-quality, precise logo designs tailored to your target audience, elevating your brand's visibility. Our designers excel in creating exclusive banners that perfectly match your business requirements.

Social Media Design

Our social media design services help you present your products and services most compellingly across popular platforms. The captivating designs we create ensure your target audience can't resist engaging with your posts.

Mobile Website Design

Optimizing your website for different devices is crucial. Our mobile website design services are specific to business needs, delivering designs that function wonderfully across all platforms.

Ecommerce Web Design

Are we looking to create a visually stunning, highly optimized ecommerce store? Yes, we are also skilled in designing ecommerce websites. T3 Shop, our TYPO3 Template, is a perfect example of this.

Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?

Free Support

Faced a problem? No worries! If it's something you cannot figure out our dedicated TYPO3 support team will respond to you at CEST German time in 1 business working day.

Regular Updates

T3Planet provides automatic product version updates via email containing alerts on new features, security updates, bug fixes, and compatibility with the latest TYPO3 version releases.

Money Back Guarantee!

If you believe that buying a product was not the right decision, we want to make things right with our 100% moneyback guarantee within 15 days of purchase.

We're TYPO3 Certified

We're in love with TYPO3 for a decade and won the TYPO3 award at Berlin in 2018! Plus TYPO3 products at T3Planet are developed by certified TYPO3 developers and integrators.

4 Steps Approach

Step 1.


We start with market research, analyzing competitors, understanding your target audience, and gathering your requirements. This makes sure we represent your brand personality in every aspect possible.

Step 2.


We sketch out a user flow map to design the best website navigation. Then, we create wireframes and prototypes to establish the structure, functionality, and content. Once you're happy, we move forward.

Step 3.


Our UI design sets the tone for your website's look and feel. Using the latest trends, we craft the perfect blend of colors, visuals, typography, and animations to match your brand identity and effectively engage your users.

Step 4.


We will send you every page's UI/UX design; you can share your feedback and input. Based on your feedback, we will consider several revisions, including visual appearance, layout changes, element adaptations, and color variations.

Certified TYPO3 Agency

Pricing Packages



  • Low Complexity of Designs
  • 2 Frontend Layout/Template
  • 5 Content Elements
  • 3 TYPO3 Core Elements
  • 3 Grid/Container Elements
  • 0 Blog/News Page
  • 0 Styleguide Page
  • No Atomic Design
  • Typography Page
  • 30 business days support period
  • 40 hours of design & support
  • €40 per hourly rate

Buy Now €1499


  • Medium Complexity of Design
  • 5 Frontend Layout/Template
  • 10 Content Elements
  • 5 TYPO3 Core Elements
  • 5 Grid/Container Elements
  • 1 Blog/News Page
  • 1 Style guide Page
  • Atomic Design
  • Typography Page
  • 45 business days support
  • 80 hours of design & support
  • €45 per hourly rate

Buy Now €3499


  • High Complexity of Design
  • 10 Frontend Layout/Template
  • 20 Content Elements
  • 10 TYPO3 Core Elements
  • 10 Grid/Container Elements
  • 2 Blog/News Page
  • 1 Style Guide Page
  • Atomic Design
  • Typography Page
  • 60 business days support
  • 120 hours of design & support
  • €50 per hourly rate

Buy Now €5999


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Happy Customers

Customers Review

2500+ Premium customers from beginners to industry leaders love T3Planet!

4.5 / 5

Niklas Neustadt

Niklas Neustadt

We wanted a TYPO3 website with a modern look and a simplified user interface. We approached T3Planet's website design service, and I must honestly say that the quality of work and design are excellent. Thank you for your support!

Michael Schulze

Michael Schulze

It was a pleasure working with such a skilled and responsive team. We look forward to future collaborations.

Matthias Bieber

Matthias Bieber

Your professionalism and technical expertise are highly appreciated. I recommend this service to all who are looking for the best web design experts.

Thomas Kluge

Thomas Kluge

Their team's outstanding communication, keen eye for detail, and steadfast dedication to excellence have positioned them as a cornerstone of our project's success. We are deeply appreciative of their invaluable contribution and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.

Ines Urner

Ines Urner

As a marketing agency startup, we were looking for TYPO3 website design experts who could create a visually impressive and fully responsive website. We highly recommend T3Planet's website design services. They impressed us with their variety of high-quality template options and their ability to deliver a website that perfectly reflects our brand.

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Do you have a budget issue for making the TYPO3 website?

Explore TYPO3 SaaS

TYPO3 Ecommerce Service refers to integrating ecommerce functionality into a TYPO3 website using TYPO3 extensions and plugins. It allows you to create and manage online stores within the TYPO3 CMS, having all the features of ecommerce from product page to category page to customer’s account and more.

T3Planet’s website development services offer various benefits for your business, including online presence, improved user experience, increased brand visibility, higher conversion rates, and scalable solutions all to your needs.

Yes, at T3Planet, you can buy a custom TYPO3 template development service. Whether you need plugin development, theme customization, or backend development, our TYPO3 experts are here to assist you

It solely depends on the design and functionality. You can see the cost of our pricing packages. You can use our free consultant service by contacting us if you have specific design requirements.

At T3Planet, we prioritise confidentiality and have a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy for project details, ideas, and sensitive information throughout the process.

No, we believe in being upfront about costs. Our support team will give you a clear proposal and agreement outlining all the costs so you won't be surprised by any unexpected charges.

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